Conformity Essay

From things as simply as driving on the right side of the road, to as in-depth as our educational system and economy, conformity is present in a multitude of aspects of our everyday lives.  Although quite often conformity is required in order for a society to be successful, it must also be challenged on occasions where our individuality and ability to express our own thoughts is endangered.

It’s our educational system that has been created in order to bring us into a future that we can’t grasp. We are being educated as if the world is going to stay the same and are unprepared for the large changes and unpredictability that the future surely has in store.  It’s in our educational system where mistakes are stigmatized; they are essentially the worst thing you can make. Is it not from making mistakes, and being wrong that originality is created? It is the educational system that is essentially educating us out of our individuality. In nearly every public educational system there’s a hierarchy of subjects, which includes what we deem essential at the top such as mathematics while other subjects, such as the arts are deemed less useful. This is due to the fact that the educational system was invented in the nineteen hundreds in order to meet the needs and economic circumstances of the industrial revolution, and the simple fact that it was academics that brought on success, and you wouldn’t get a job, or a successful one for that matter, doing arts. We are being conformed into believing that intelligence is based off how well you do in the more “important” subjects, when in reality why shouldn’t arts be important? Why aren’t they taught as much as things such as math or literature. We truly need to rethink the fundamental principles on which students are being educated on.

As a society we worship economic growth and consumer consumption as being the basis of our economy. We have been conformed by the governmental policies into thinking that economic recessions are negative, and when they are present the population panics. In reality, after looking deeper it into this topic, it could quite possible just be the opposite. Our current economic model is based around continuous growth, and clearly, continuous growth is unsustainable. During a recession people are pushed to work smarter and harder, which in return forces us to use our creativity. This helps in the growth of our individuality and actually leads to better productivity and more breakthroughs.  We cannot continue to increase our populations, and continue to utilise all the worlds’ resources to an extent that is surely going to have consequences just as we must not rely on economic growth for a successful society.

The human imagination is extraordinary, and we truly need to view our creative capacities for the richness that they are. Although conformity is essential in order to prevent chaos, we must not be led into a system of total conformity, limiting our individualism and jeopardizing our future. Just as we need to rethink the way we educate our population, we must also rethink our economic models and principals.