Problems and solutions to hydraulic fracturing

Basically, the pollution caused by hydraulic fracturing cannot be resolved in a cost effective manner. The fact that nearly all aspects of it are fairly significant pollutants means the whole hydraulic fracturing process would need to be completely reformed.  The first and most likely the most significant pollutant is the fracking fluid used to fracture […]

Government regulations of Hydraulic Fracturing

The process of Hydraulic Fracturing began in the United States, although it is moving its way to Canada due to the vast amount of shale that can be exploited. At the current time it’s mainly been practiced on the east coast.  There really aren’t very many regulations on the process of hydraulic fracturing seeing as […]

How is hydraulic fracturing harmfull?

29 chemicals used (and where used in large quantities) by the hydraulic fracturing companies where listed as either known possible human carcinogens, where regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act due to the risks they posed to our health, or where listed as air pollutants under the Clean Air Act. Methanol is a colorless liquid […]

Industrial process of hydraulic fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing or also commonly known as fracking is currently the most popular and cost effective way of extracting natural gas from the earth. Although it’s mainly being done in the United States, companies in Canada are becoming more and more interested in it. The whole process starts off with a well being dug. Depending […]

Why are we creating Hydraulic Fracturing pollution

The process of hydraulic fracturing has one goal, to extract as much natural gas from the shale as possible. We use natural gas for a variety of different things, including the heating for your home and water, cooking, transportation, energy generation and so much more. (*Use of Natural Gas) The majority of people use natural […]

Hydraulic Fracturing Project Bibliography

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Chemical Nature of Hydraulic Fracturing

The process of Hydraulic Fracturing is currently polluting our environment in a multitude of different ways. The first and possible the most polluting aspect of hydraulic fracturing is the fracturing fluid itself. This fluid is made up primarily of water and sand, but also contains a variety of different chemicals each with its own unique […]

Le Clonage [French]

C’est Quoi Le Clonage? En biologie le terme ‘’Clonage’’  c’est le processus par lequel on produit  une copie identique d’une animale, organisme etc. Dolly Le Mouton Dolly, le premier mammifère cloner avec succès pas une adulte cellule, était cloner en 1996 pas le Roslin Institute et elle a vécu la pendant ces 6 ans de […]

Laboratoire de Dissection de ver de terre [French]

Partie II : Qu’est qui est les fonctions des parties suivantes : –          Ganglions cérébroïdes : C’est le cerveau du ver de terre. –          Soies : Des petites poiles qui aide le ver de terre à bouger plus efficacement. –          Clitellum: Le clitellum est une section épaissie glandulaire des murs du corps. –          Vésicules séminales : Ils sont […]